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Sotalol - Confused!

Hi Everyone,

I won't bore you with my medical past, but I'm due to have a cardioversion in a couple of weeks time for persistent AF following my ablation. The consultant has mentioned changing my medication from Bisoprolol to Sotalol to help make the cardioversion stick. What has confused me is that it has been mentioned on this forum that Solatol is no longer approved for AF. I'm more than happy to push back to the consultant on this but can't see where it is stated that on the NICE website where Solatol is no longer approved.

I did find the following link


I have also look on the AFA website and Solatol is listed in the resource material.

Has anyone got any evidence to say that Solatol is no longer approved? To be honest some of the potential side effects are worrying.



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Hi stuart

Ive been prescribed sotalol by my ep and been taking it for some time now.

Its helping control my heart beat and for me better than bisoprolol did.

Im hoping the ep consultant knew what he was doing. He just told me to go back to see him if my af got worse .although my frequency of af bouts have increased most of them dont last long. When i start to feel really worse i shall see him and consider if an ablation will be worth trying

I hope this helps in you making your decision to try it or not i know it wont suit everyone

Af is such a horrible thing and i hope you continue to not let it control your life

Regards Richard


My understanding is that because Sotalol has the ability to cause potentially nasty ventricular rhythms in some people it should only be prescribed carefully and by consultant level where appropriate. I believe that it is no longer on the list of recommended drugs from NICE.

It can be both a beta blocker and anti-arrhythmic drug but I believe that it is only at anti arrhythmic dosage levels that the problem can occur.

usual caveat not medically trained.


Obviously the effects will vary fro person to person, but in my case Sotalol has kept me free from AF for some time after a cardioversion.

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Hi Stuart

Have a look at this NICE leaflet and go to para 1.6.2


When I was changed from Bisoprolol to Sotalol I began to build up fluid in both lungs (Pleural Effusions) so they changed me back again.


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Thanks Peter. I will certainly raise it with the consultant.


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