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Please be patient after Ablation it took me about four months to feel normal and slept a lot. What you had done was a big shock to your heart so it needs time to heal and settle down. You need to give it time and listen to your body. If you feel tired go to bed and sleep for couple of hours that way your body has chance to repair itself which is better than any medication.

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Thanks. Glad you're feeling better. I am going to a new cardiologist within the next week or two. I had an "episode"after surgery and went to the ER. The cardiologist who treated me (head of cardiology) said I was a good candidate for ablation. My current doctor doesn't agree because I rarely have any "episodes".

Just wondering if you'll have to stay on blood thinner now that you've had the ablation?


It seems to be generally agreed on here that one should continue with blood thinners, even after an ablation, as the roughened surface in the heart can still lead to a blood clot forming.


Oh ok makes sense. Well at least (maybe) we can get off our other meds!!

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