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3 weeks post ablation

Still not a lot to report.I am doing well, no disturbing symptoms and much less tired.Babysat my 3yr old granddaughter yesterday afternoon that went well she's very good gave my mouth more exercise than anything else, she non stop talks and questions everything. Today done some cleaning of the kitchen and more flower spearheading in garden.My husband is still doing anything that requires lifting ,stretching or pulling.Now going to rest for remainder of day with a good book, then watch athletics on T V later.Still waiting for x-ray appt to check on phrenic nerve damage but that still has a week or two to go.

(Above meant dead heading)Not driven to spears just yet ha!ha!

So all round I would say things are looking good so far.


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Hi Jane, I'm so pleased to hear that you are doing well after your ablation - long may that continue.

It was lovely that you felt able to babysit your little granddaughter, at times I think that having our minds taken off of ourselves can do a lot of good. It certainly sounds like, with all the chatter, you had something different to think about.

You made me laugh talking about your spearheading, at first I thought it must be some term I wasn't familiar with and totally accepted it until reading and giggling at your explanation. You could have kept quiet and got away with saying that word as far as I was concerned!


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Great news Jane, long may it continue......just glad I don't live next door to you, if you know what I mean!!!


I am sharpening them as I speak

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