Mix and Match?

With posts mixed about - dates of posting all over the place - it becomes tiresome reading some themes, especially when someone has asked a question, and a number of responses have been posted. If the responses were listed in chronological order we can follow easily, but when they are mixed around we end up drifting away grom the theme.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or am I seeing it once and imagining it elsewhere?

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  • I've found it hard to keep track too. This may not be a solution to your question, but when I enquired from admin I was given some useful tips:

    You can click on Posts on the community banner (I find I need to have a post selected to get the banner) > Click on Arrange By > Click on Newest, Recently Active, Unanswered, Popular or Pinned.

    You can also opt to have a daily digest of the previous day's posts emailed. Go to Username > Account Settings > Digests > check "Email me a daily summary of what's new in my communities" > Save Changes.

  • Yes, I had a problem till I got used to it. The more usual format for an online forum, at least all the ones I've used, is to list the replies in chronological order and if the reply is a response to an earlier post, then the earlier post can be copied into the reply, so you can see what it's all about and the latest comment will always be at the end, rather than possibly near the beginning.

    But as I said, I've got used to this format, and at least in theory, it is quite nice having the replies directly under the post, nested as they are, but problem is that many replies are posted in the wrong place.

    Overall though, the more normal format is much better if you ask me.

  • Hi Deejay :-) you say...''If the responses were listed in chronological order we can follow easily ''.

    ...forgive me if I have got the wrong end of the stick, but are you referring to the fact that the linea format of the site allows one member to reply to a another member by posting a reply directly under their post rather than posting any reply under the last post which was made in a thread .

    If so this does result in a bit of a jumble in the replys but that is the nature of the site. Some sites have a 'quote facility' so members can reply directly to each other while remaining in chronological order.

  • You've replied to me instead of DeejayB.

  • :-) Hi Koll , that sort of demonstrates the problem, I intended replying to Deejay but at the bottom of the thread rather than directly under Dj's post...

    Just realised if I scroll down (I have the page on large magnification) there is another reply box at the bottom of the screen for general replys ...

  • This arrangement is pretty standard on most blogging sites and allows responses to each reply if appropriate

  • ... that is so Goldie :-) although I am more familiar with 'forum' type sites.

    I'am not complaining, I can cope with a bit of strangeness to have access to this site which is a wonderful resource for AFers.

  • If you go to NewsFeed you will get exactly what you are asking for - and I really like this format.

    If you want to reply to someone on a thread press the reply button on the post. If you want to post to the original poster use the button on the top or the bottom of the post.

  • I think with the limited replies you get per topic on this forum, it works. But on others I use where a topic can go on for literally years and have hundreds if not thousands of replies, it would not work.

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