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New here - Contraction in my chest

Hi all,

I have had these one off strong contraction in my chest that freaks the hell out of me. Of course my first thought was heart and went to have it checked by the cardiologist who didn't find anything abnormal (but since this happens only once every couple of months, I am not surprised he didn't find anything). Now what I am interested in is to compare my symptoms and yours to have a better idea of what this could be.

I would characterize my contactions are a one time occurrence. They happen at random times, although I noticed they happen more around meal time. They are very surprising and freak me all the time. After, I tend to have some kind of stomach gas. So I don't really know if this is a kind of arrhythmia or some form of stomach/œsophagal contraction.

What do you think?

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As we are not medically trained, it's not easy to comment on what might be causing your problem, but it's not something I have heard of before relating to arrythmia, but maybe others here might be able to help. Hope you manage to find out more soon as it does not sound very pleasant.......


Thanks! I am not looking for professional medical advice. I am just trying to correlate my symptoms with some of this community's given that my doctors don't know what I have


I wonder if ectopic beats have been mentioned to you? This basically is where the heart misses a beat and then catches up with a strong quick one. I get this occasionally but a friend of mine has quite a violent second beat which frightened the life out of her. She had very many tests including an angiogram and all was ok.. just an ectopic diagnosis which is very common and harmless.

Of course I'm not medically qualified so I'm not diagnosing but just thought it might give you something to ponder over as you have seen a cardio.



Thanks, I will google this. How does it feel to you? Does it startle you? Is the feeling mild or strong? How do you feel after?


I don't know if it is anything like your 'contraction' feelings but it did reminded me of when I was wired up to an ecg in A+E once. Whilst on it I had an obvious PVC (premature ventricular contraction) which I felt as a sharp 'dig in the ribs'.

A couple of years ago I caught a short run of ventricular ectopics, which were also 'digs in the ribs' on my newly purchased Alivecor Kardia).

You don't say whether you have any known abnormal rhythms but if you think that's what it is, and they're fairly infrequent, the only way to know for sure is to catch them yourself on a Kardia.




Thanks! Could you describe your "dig in the ribs feeling"? Was it on one side or in the center? More a ribs feeling or a guts feeling? How did you feel after?


My dig in the ribs was slightly to my left side, a big more than half way from my neck to my belly button, as I remember.

The feeling was like a sharp poke.



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