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I have written here a few times about running and gotten some great feedback. This is a great site, even if it seems like mostly Brits posting (ha ha.)

I had my 4-month post ablation appointment a couple days ago. My EP is still insisting to me that I really should have no restrictions or limitations in running. I described my experience where I was a 30+ pretty quick mile per week runner but now am limited to 20 miles a week at about a 10% or more slower pace. He said he saw no reason for that and was quizzing me about how I felt and asking why I felt limited. I did explain I was not concerned after reading advice on this site.

So thanks for all of the advice. I am in the process of educating my EP in my every three month appointments.

I was a P-AFIB'er with occurrences about every other week. Since March, only 2 episodes which were within the first couple weeks and shorter than the 8-12 hour episodes I was getting. Nothing in more than three months now. And, as I said, running about 20 miles a week at a slow pace per recommendation here, not taking my EP's advice!

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We recommend exercising for as long as you feel comfortable. There is no "text book" limit or rule. Perhaps in time, you'll be able to run a little further or a little faster, just do what you can.

Best wishes

Rachel - AF Association - Patient Services Associate

My legs won't let me run marathons anyway! Longest runs have always been 10-11 miles, just built up to 6 after ablation. I'd like to get back to where 7:00 pace for that long run is comfortable, but I'd rather not have AFIB than get back to that. Thanks!

Clever to be aware of bodys limitations. Athlets are known to develop afib!! You may also look at at StopAfib.org Forum there are very competent medically educated people (having Afib). The question of hard training, cycling, etc are often discussed there. With wishes of all best to you.

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