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Left atrium severely dilated

New to here and new to Heart probs. Due to a virus I was diagnosed with AF back in January. In April I had Cardioversion which worked- but only for 2 weeks. I am now to have Heart Monitor- 24hrs, but see from letter to my Gp that my leftatrium is severely dilated. I do not know what effect this will have on me or my heart--- can anyone enlighten me please

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G'day ps67,

When I was diagnosed with paroxysmal AF, aged 65, in Jan 2010 my Cardiac Consultant wrote ..........

"moderately dilated having an area of 30.4 ㎠ instead of the normal 20.0 ㎠ . In real terms, the damaged atria is unlikely ever to return to a normal size and will leave me pre -disposed to having PAF return in the future."

I learnt over time that given my age this could also leave me vulnerable to a stroke and because of this risk I was placed on an anticoagulant ... Warfarin ( also known as Coumadin in some countries). Other anticoagulants are now available known as NOAC's.

I quote my Consultants letter because he calls a dilated left atria of 30.4 as moderately dilated. It would be interesting to know if your letter quotes such figures.

Either way, moderate or severe you are likely to be vulnerable to a stroke.

So, thats a start for you.

All that said I still work 30 hours a week, sometimes more, I drive a tourist bus, and I have also survived a partial knee replacement in Nov 2015.

If you want to know more ask me.


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Thanks for your reply-- letter does not mention a measurement but I will ask next time I see Cardiologist. I am on Blood thinner and a beta blocker at present but today I am being fitted with heart monitor so all that ould change depending on results.

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AF can lead to the atrium being dilated- however it can reduce in size if AF is treated well so the question is not so much the effect of the dilated atrium but what treatment are you being offered for the AF. The stroke risk is to do with AF and if you are anti coagulated ( where your Chads Vasc Score warrants it) you reduce stroke risk by 60 per cent


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