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Result of an ECG

My GP was concerned with my unusual heart beat so he got an ECG organised in the surgery he didn't like the result and ordered an ambulance to take me to hospital. I was admitted and several ECG's were taken along with blood tests. The head Doctor came to see me next day and explained that the main concern from my GP was there was no output or movement on the F line he said that he wasn't concerned about this and could go home. Can you explain what is the F line is and what is its purpose and who was right my GP or the Hospital Doctor. Thank you.

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I don't know what they are talking about. I don't think there is such thing as the F line.

Do you have anything in writing that may explain matters - a discharge summary perhaps?

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I don't know what the F line is but what I would say is these days our GP's have a knee jerk reaction to anything that isn't quite right and thats why A&E departments can't cope, GP's are afraid of consequences so automatically send us to the hospital. This happened to me a fortnight ago and the nurse on duty in A&E said I was neither an accident or an emergency, the fact I had had a TIA and severe headaches for 2 days really didn't count for much, she said unless my symptoms were in full stroke mode I shouldn't be sent to A&E, disillusioned I went home, rang the surgery next day and an appointment with the stroke doctor a day later and had a CAT scan which was what my GP wanted all the time, just went the wrong route!


A TIA is a failed stroke. You don’t know it has failed until the symptoms go away. Many TIA,s do progress into a full stroke and the symptoms don’t go away, only get worse. It,s better to play safe.


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