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So it's now 7 months post ablation and my heart rate is still hovering around the 85-100 mark... whereas before ablation it was 68-75. It's getting me down now, I've also started wondering if I suffer with angina or if I have narrowed arteries which caused the af to start with, I've had a stress test and echo... I dare say y anxiety isn't doing my hr much good... really questioning my decision to have ablation lately😩😩

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  • We all know I think that raised heart rate is quite a normal post ablation symptom and that it can often take nine months to a year to settle so I wonder what your EP team say about it. Mine was in the high 80s for at least nine months.

    I'm not sure that either angina or cardiac artery disease can be responsible for AF although I do know that valve problems can. Why do you think that you have these problems?

  • The results of my stress test noted there was some st depression which I've since read correlates with having narrowed/blocked srteries

  • Mine has very slowly gone down to my 'original' speed which was about 68 resting but it has taken more than a year. The important thing is, how do you physically feel? I have angina and I don't have narrowed arteries, I guess it is just the result of years of stress on my heart, but it is getting better all the time. There was a wonderful quote a week or so ago, somebody's GP said it would take 18 months to recover, not from the ablation but from 'everything'. It takes time to get your confidence back, be patient!

  • Right there with you. Exactly. My question to my EP was his my "new Normal?" ...

    Occasionally It makes me smile to see a 77 every now and then. Hoping with time and moderate exercise it gets back down to where it use to be. That i am averaging 86 says my EP that is just fine. :^)

  • Hello juggsy. i have just seen your post and i am sorry that you are feeling not right, Just hear me out cause i do not want you to think that i am making excuses but after the ablation i started to go mad with the chocolate, don't drink tea or coffee and still cannot even have one glass of wine without my heart rate spirals so the only indulgence left was chocolate but hay ho my heart rate started to spiral with that as well. If i indulge in too much chocolate my heart rate is in the 90s this is recently so i have had to cut out all the indulgences so that i can get a good heart rate which is between 65- 75 There has been no AF at all. What i am trying to say to you is maybe there is something that you are indulging in that is causing your heart rate to peak, as for angina or narrowed arteries would that have not shown itself when you had all the test at RBH . A fast heart rate is scary with out doubt but please look at what you are eating and drinking that might be over stimulating your heart and also please contact Dr Ernst regarding your fast heart rate, she is the best person to speak to and might have you back for some more test to see if you might have developed a tachycardia problem, if so that is easily amended.

    I see Sabine on June the 6th and i am going to tell her that my heart rate spikes if i eat chocolate or drink one glass of wine just as it used to before i developed AF so it looks like we might be in the same boat.


  • I agree keep off the triggers how ever tempting they may be.

  • As someone who is using a multi discipline approach and has other diseases - know I have inflammation in my body and am really struggling to know what to do for the best - what I find very ennoying about this type of article is if this is a known given - why isn't a lot more resources put into education and support for preventative and restorative therapies?

    My AF has returned after ablation, I am struggling with 4 conditions presently and I cannot get basic nutritional GI testing or blood tests on the NHS.

  • Juggsy

    I too suggest you talk to Dr Ernst.

    My EP called me recently and he told me that a fast regular rhythm was probably Atrial Tachycardia and that this was good news as, unlike AF, if it persists then it was much more easily treated than AF.

    Also unlike some of our other forum members although you are experiencing a faster rate than before it is not crazy fast EG 100-200.


  • If anything I'm eating far better now than I have for long time, I'm losing weight, not drinking, trying to exercise but I'm afraid to push too hard due to already high rate.....what I've found on my stress test letter has sent my anxiety sky high as I'm now worried that I have another heart issue with narrowed blocked arteries. My father needed a bypass at 52 and I've done what I can to hopefully not follow in his footsteps but this points to me having it

  • I had an ablation about 6 months ago and also have high heart rate. So continue to take lopressor 25 mg twice daily for rate control. Also have some ectopics but no afib. Have been able to lower beta blocker dosage and continue to feel better over time. Be patient and give it time

  • I was taken off all but apixaban 6 weeks after my procedure. No beta blockers

  • Low dose of beta blockers seem to help me

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