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Day 1

woke up feeling full of energy, which makes a nice change. Had to be careful of course because of the scar though. Seemed to run out about 11am. 100 mile journey home (I'm not a good passenger so a bit stressful) then crashed out in bed. In the evening got a terrible pain in my left side and arm which was scary, definitely linked as they grew, pulsed and faded together, took paracetemol and it went after about 15 minute. Apparently that can be due to bruising on the heart (hope so)

Heart feels alot better, few palpitations., occasional 'jumps' but nothing like I used to get. Had a shower, which washed their plaster off, so replaced it, a bit disappointed in the scar, feel it aught to be bigger and more noticeable for such an operation.

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You are doing so well. Best wishes.


haha, yes I agree on the scar, we should have something to show!!


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