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Post ablation exercise and diet... some mistakes

I have experienced dramatic comeback exactly 2 months after ablation. I have quickly forgotten my anxiety, extreme fatigue and despair.

I was kind of skeptical when my EP told me on a 7th day post ablation check up to start exercising slowly. I heard on this forum a lot of advice like "Take it easy and rest..."

That is very intuitive reaction. My EP nurse insisted that I exercise by walking longer distances every day till I get real tired. Once I started doing that, things changed fast.

Another thing she said. Do NOT eat large meals. Frequent small ones only.

I now believe it is very important. My pulse at the end of exhausting long walk is below 90. Yesterday, after eating a bit more, my resting pulse stays around 86???!

I tried to eat like that again today to see if the "phenomenon" is for real. Eating more was really easy test that I happily accepted. My pulse immediately went up from 64 to 86 and I had to take a nap - felt tired and sleepy. The portion I had actually was not large but it was larger than what I used to have for the last 2 weeks.

By the way it also feels good to loose some weight. My spine is happy now too.

Go figure that one!

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Good for you! I am all the way back also and did not LOSE any weight.. LOL.. My resting heartbeat is still above what I would like but it has only been 5 months now.

Trying to get back into competitive shape in my young 60's is hard at this age with a bad back and knees after a recent knee operation just before the ablation.


Gentle exercise is always good provided that you listen to your body and pace yourself. I worry about people going back to stressful or very physical jobs a week after ablation which is why I say what I do. As for trying to get back into athletic training soon afterwards, well words fail me. I know that I ruined my first ablation by rushing around crawling under a car a few days afterwards and had a serious telling off from my nurse.

Grazing rather than having large meals is obviously a help. A meal makes the heart work hard to provide blood flow to help digest the food which is why most animals rest after eating. Reducing that burden helps reduce the stress on the heart. My problem with that practice is that I ended up eating far more over the day so now just eat smaller meals at normal times with maybe a light snack late evening.

As you say, even a few pounds helps back and arthritic knees no end. Try walking about all day carrying a bag or two of sugar in a body belt.



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