Hi there can anyone help us please. Ever since I started in bisoprolol and was changed to nebivolol 5mg My mood swings are worrying me. Last weekend I had a few beers and I was really bad.

My wife says her laughing joking hubby has disappeared almost overnight into a withdrawn moody anxious person.

Is this the drugs or has anyone else suffered with this at all ?

All comments welcome. Thanks for taking the time to read my post 😀

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  • Bisoprolol made me feel bad, but not depressed, just worn out.I wasn't on it for long though, as it wasn't for me.

    But I have had depression brought on by another drug. Took it, after a couple of days went downhill 😩, the whole world became a bad place. Stopped taking it and came straight back up to normal 😀. Tried it for 2nd time just in case it might be something else, but no, down I went 😩.

    So drugs can affect your state of mind, no doubt about it in my opinion.

    Hope you get to the bottom of it.


  • PS. When I told my doc, she changed me to another drug quickly.

  • Could be, go back to your GP and report it asap, beta blockers are sometimes used to prevent anxiety and any drug that is used to treat a symptom has the capacity to cause it in some people. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand.

    Personally I would lay off the beers completely as alcohol is a known antagonist for depression.

  • I was horrendous when I was on it, like a black cloud had descended, very depressed. I was on 2.5mg twice daily. My GP wasn't very helpful and it was actually my EP that eventually changed my medication.

  • I went from Bisoprolol to Nebivolol and was then unable to sleep anything longer than 2 hours. It did take the edge off of the Ectopics and Tachycardia but lack of sleep was not an option so I stopped taking them after a month.

  • Unfortunately I (or rather my wife) have noticed the same effect. Bisoprolol almost killed me as I was asthmatic and the effect of verapamil wear off over time so whilst nebivolol generally keeps my heart healthy it does cause poor sleep and hence irritability.

  • I have been on 10 mg of bisoprolol for 3years never had a problem

  • Alcohol and beta blockers don't mix I believe.

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