EMG test while on Apixaban

Hi Im due an EMG test (a test that is used to record the electrical activity of muscles) due to nerve prolems...the letter states to stop taking my apixaban the day before....Ive been in Af for the last six days...im only asking you all here if you have any experience of this....I will be seeing my Ep before the appointment to ask her but thats 3 weeks away

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  • In your position, I would ring the EP's secretary and ask for guidance.

  • What are you having it for?

    I have Myasthenia and EMG is used to diagnose this. I am also on Apixaban and I can't imagine that you would want to stop the Apixaban if you are in AF so I agree, ring your EP for advice and I think I would ring the clinic organizing the EMG also and ask why and express your concern.

    I didn't need an EMG, thankfully, because I tested serum positive for the antibodies. It can be quite uncomfortable from what I have heard and isn't always accurate for Mg.

    I get my Neuro and EP to communicate and double check with both of them every time. EMG is usually conducted by a technician so you may not see a doctor.

  • Although there is a risk of haematomas from the needles, this is small and needs to be balanced against the risks from stopping your apixaban. This review paper does not feel it is appropriate to stop anticoagulants, so as the others have said, it requires further clarification of the local policy


  • I suspect they will cancel the test if you are in AF and wait until you are out of it. This happened to me for a different test last December.

  • I would take the article That Goldfish gave the link to when you go for your appointment as it has suggestions for safety when they give you the treatment- small needles etc

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