What does Atrial Flutter feel like?

The last few nights I've been awoken numerous times with a fast heart rate. It seems regular, just much faster than it should be (my resting PR is 59, but it is around 85-90 when I'm woken up). It seems to correct itself after 5mins-1hr. Is this Atrial Flutter? I'd be interested to know what symptoms people experience with Atrial Flutter, to see if this is similar. When in AF, my HR goes up to around 100, so an Atrial Flutter of around 85-90 would be in line with that. Thanks in advance for your replies.

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  • This could be atrial or sinus tachycardia or flutter. You really would need an ECG to determine. I've had them all and I do know that flutter shows up as 'saw tooth' waves on ECG.

    My resting rate is around the 70 but variable but goes considerably higher when in AF or flutter. I had an ablation for flutter in 2014 which helped enormously .


  • Flutter for me was around 110-130 bpm and made me feel quite shaky but not as bad as AF. I think you'll only know for sure with an ECG reading.

  • Im in atrial flutter as I type...its like the accelerator on a car stuck at 130 bpm Im short of breath feel unwell and can feel my self shake with every heart beat Ive just been loaded up with Digoxin as I had ablation for PAF 5 weeks ago and a cardioversion just over 2 weeks ago....but not slowing me down yet

  • Rapid heartbeat that varies in speed but less irregular than AF. I've gone from Fibrillation to Flutter and it is the 'better' one to be in. I confused a Jnr Dr yesterday at my appointment as my HR was 120 and my pulse was normal.

    Get dizzy and breathless

  • I've just had a diagnosis of occasional night time flutter in addition to my atrial fibrillation. I can't say I can tell the difference , it was only diagnosed after holter ecg monitoring

  • The good news is that flutter is very responsive to ablation

  • Thank-you for all your responses. It's so good to have a forum such as this to discuss things with people who certainly know what you're going through.

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