I was wondering others get a sensation in their chest like a little fireworks or an electrical storm going off in their chest? I keep getting one to the left of my chest under my ribs and it goes down my arm too.

Cardiologist seemed dismissive, even when I told him my palpitations follow it. Have had Angiogram and no heart disease present so seems to be nerve rooted AF.

Still learning after six months...


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  • I do not know if what I have suffered is the same as yours.....but on 2 separate occasions, months apart, I have had a 'pain' in/on/under my left side ribs, and on the second occasion last week it spread to the base of my neck and then down my left arm. It didnt feel like a heart attack.

    On the first occasion it was not constant but intermittent, however it did feel 'deep' and took my breath away. It did scare me.

    I called the doc who was - as you have said - dismissive. In fact he asked exactly where the pain was in my ribs and proceeded to press the spot with his fingers causing me to cry out. Why is it that some doctors feel the need to cause more pain in the exact place where the patient has the pain, cut, graze, sore, infection etc?

    He told me to take paracetomol.

    The cardio registrar I saw last week just looked at me blankly and said he didnt know what that was.

    I will watch the replies to your post with interest.

  • Hi Tazzydee,

    My atrial fibrillation manifested itself as a bag of worms wriggling away in my chest, or, a mob of octupuses wriggling their tentacles or even a squadron or two of butterflies fighting the Battle of Britain - or indeed - any battle, all over again. Yes palpitations too. Location seems about right too.

    Never had an Angiogram - so I don't know what is involved. I'd be asking for a ECG (deals with electrical activity and rhythms) and an Echocardiogram (EKG) deals with structure and valves, preferably when the fireworks is going off.

    I would also suggest you get onto the Atrial Fibrillation Association website and look for an EP near you as a start point. Also google the vagal nerve and the heart and digestive system

    Good luck.


  • Thanks John,

    I had an Echo when it was going off and it showed the same as my previous. I thought it might be something to do with fluid on my lungs as the AF is causing heart failure but those symptoms have all improved since I was prescribed amiodarone and the sensation still persists.

    About to have second CV and if the fails I'm having an MRI. Been referred to EP specialist but it's already taken four months to get a consultants and appointment- the ones I've seen so far have been on the ward on hospital admissions.

  • Just shows how different some doctors are. When I mentioned chest pain to mine a couple of months ago and that it went into my neck and left arm he had me admitted to hospital before I could park my car! Two weeks later an angiogram showed only mild stenosis and an echo cardiogram nothing too bad for a bloke my age so sigh of relief all round but he did the right thing. Never ignore chest pain especially if it goes up into your neck and arm.

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