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I am a 34 year old female. Mother of 3 ages 17,6 and 2. I have a history of PVC's and PAC's both low density. I recently wore an event monitor that has raised a debate.

One episode was a 7 second strip of what one EP labels atrial tachycardia and anothter atrial fibrillation.

Would 7 seconds be typical of A fib. I felt fine during the episode just felt mild fluttering.

My echo was good. And the only " health issues " I have is struggling with low potassium ; a fib doesn't run in my family Not real sure what to think when I can't get a definite diagnosis The last strip here is the one in question

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  • Hi, there is no real typical AF. Some people are in it permanently some get quick flashes of it. 7 seconds is a short time to feel any symptoms although dizziness could easily happen. The more you come aware of them the more you seem to notice the symptoms. If you want more evidence you can purchase a Kardia device which is an at home ecg device.

  • How would I get a reading on the ecg

  • Hi, a Kardia is a small device with two sensors. You hold a sensor with each hand. The device sends an ecg reading to your phone and can tell you if you are in AF. The ECG is saved so you can share with your health team. It only records on demand so if your episodes are only 7 seconds you may struggle to catch it. There is also a watch version now but I have no experience of that.

  • She has the event monitor, that is more accurate than the Kardia.

  • Yes but these are loaned out for short periods my suggestion was if she wanted something that she could use all the time to catch the episodes.

  • Read all you can on af website learn what you can. Try not to worry is scary at first but the more we learn the more we are informed for future decisions

  • What does your afib feel like when you are in it

  • Yes AF can be just a few seconds- the ECG should be easy for cardiologists to identify Af as the p wave is missing

    I find it interesting that you mention low potassium- I'm much older than you !! but noticed my potassium was below range when in A and E with AF but was normal when I had other blood tests when not in AF

    I started taking extra potassium in diet and a cardiologist advised me to get a magnesium supplement from my GP as I was doing this. It will be 3 years in April since I noticed this and no AF after doing the extra potassium intake etc.

    It's well worth you looking into this as it may help you to avoid AF

  • Wow that's awesome I have two opinions on the ecg. One says atrial tachycardia and the other atrial fibrillation. Idk what to think

  • According some evalution protocols AF episodes shorter tnan 30 sec are not AF. Easily could happen that shorts not will be repeated.

  • Thank you for that input. I haven't read that. I pray that's the case. My anxiety is out of this world right now I'm a mother of 3. Home alone with them daily. Without me , they wouldn't have anyone

    I don't have much help at all and I don't have close family or neighbors. So in an instance I would need to call 911. Where do my babies go.

    So stressful to think of.

    I appreciate you

  • I wish you all good fortitude for these days.

  • Don't think! That is what your cardiologist is for. Time will tell if you have an Atrial problem but try not to worry. My cardiologist disagreed with the first interpretation of my ECG but it made no difference in the end.

  • Def take magnesium and keep the potassium up. Three children, which I have too, is stressful !

  • Oh isn't it though. I've been taking 350 mg magnesium. Does that seem normal ?

  • Welcome, Dane! Good to have you here :)

    Great that your echo is good - and as others have said, our potassium and magnesium balances are important in a steady heartbeat, so you might even be able to sort the arrythmia with that. Here's hoping!

    Very weird about the conflicting EP diagnosis! The only thought I can throw into the mix (I'm no expert) is that 4 years ago I had a 1 minute arrythmia picked up on my heart monitor showing what they called 'irregular ventricular tachycardia'. (And definitely not AF.) But recently I had a proper AF episode and the cardiologist looked back at the first reading and said 'that was probably AF'. But he only retrospectively diagnosed it as such, because on its own it wasn't pure AF enough to call it that. (I have no idea if that's right, it surprised me! But it's what he said. Which implies there can in some cases be some uncertainty or dual-reading.)

    Anyway, I wish you well. Its great you're so young and healthy with no family history - it all sounds ok, so don't worry. But keep reading and (if you haven't already) ask your EPs for treatment and advice on the best lifestyle ways forward to keep your heart healthy and your arrthymias to a minimum. And follow it :) Most of us wish we'd done that sooner rather than later! Good luck! X

  • You are all truly amazing.

  • Hi Dane :)

    I think you and I are in a very similar situation. My Afib was diagnosed while I was having an Echocardiogram for previously established sinus Tachycardia. The only thing I felt at the time was a flip flop in my chest, so it must have been very brief. My cardiologist has put me on a loop recorder, because like you, I am younger (41) and have no risk factors or family history. He is treating me as if I have Afib, but I don't think he really believes it. I don't know whether to feel happy about that or worry that he will take me off the drugs and leave me unprotected, then Wham! Afib returns. I certainly have A LOT of heart weirdness ( flutters. Ectopics, bouts of tachycardia) WITHOUT Afib. Sorry for the ramble... my point is I really understand your uncertainty and fear. I have a 6 year old as well, and am terrified of being left alone with him, for fear I will collapse. That, and I feel like I'm always having to go to the ER with my heart going crazy in some fashion. I am , however. Holding on to the hope that this will be resolved, and we WILL get through this! A lot of my confidence comes from the wonderful people on this site. They have helped me tremendously. They have been through all the feelings that we have and have come out the other side :) Also the AFA site is excellent, if you haven't done so, please check it out! I have learned so much. You have come to the right place, and are among friends.

  • How kind. I am currently on no medications or recording devices. I'm just left here wondering.

  • And that's seeing two EP. One local and one at a good hospital an hour and 1/2 away. I'm not real sure what to do or think

    Do I get a third opinion?

  • I think you should definitely follow up, maybe with the EP that you prefer out of the two? Ask lots of questions, it's horrible that you are left hanging!

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