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Red or Black

Red or Black

A bit of history first, I'm currently on a waiting list for a flutter ablation since going into persistent flutter in August last year. I had previously been 2 years AF free following a DC cardioversion for Afib

I recently went on a 2 week Caribbean cruise, and on the last evening i visited the casino and won (not a massive amount). When i cashed in my chips i felt a noticeable couple of bumps in my chest and actually thought "oh no, not now", thinking that i may have been in for a special episode.

I didn't think anything more of it, but in the morning checked my HR with my Kardia and it appears i'm in NSR.

I've been back for a week now and HR is still the same at my usual mid 50's bpm. I've even started doing a bit of exercise again

Only thing now is i want to get things confirmed on the one hand, but i'm thinking that i could end up coming off the waiting list but reverting to Afib or Flutter shortly after

Even then i suppose if i do go back to Afib/ flutter i could just pop down to the local casino and put it all on black

p.s. Ive attached a before and after kardia output to the post

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Congratulations on the win! There are so many ways to come in and come out of AF. Some people find exercise can pop then back into sinus. Maybe the excitement and adrenaline popped you back. Speak to your hospital but I would have thought it can still go ahead as if it's popped out once it will probably do it again - AF is progressive.


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