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Very interesting article


Hi all

Just wanted to share this very interesting article i just read from a great cardiologist in America.

He is so postive and truthful

We need more doctors like him 🌺

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Very straight forward and reassuring. Thank you.

His a great man. I regurly read his writings. It is important for me. I'm afibber and also MD, fanatic cyclist and veteran athlehet. So his story encourage me.

That is *such* a straightforward and considered article. Thank you for the link Jamila123 . I suggest everyone here would be advised to read it.

That is *such* a straightforward and honest article. Thank you for posting the link Jamila123 .

CaroleF in reply to CaroleF

Whoops! Apologies for posting twice. Not sure what happened there.

seasider18 in reply to CaroleF

Just an extra beat?

Really good article! Thank you.

Very re-assuring and clear. I was a little surprised he didn't mention life style, in particular weight loss as many US doctors do. Maybe that would just complicate a simple message!

Thank you Jamila.

Polski in reply to greengranny

He did mention life-style, but didn't spell out what that meant. Look elsewhere on his site for details - and, yes - It does include weight-loss for many of us!


if you go on line to his afib blogs he mentions lifestyle changes in detail. Thats how i first become interested in his views.

seasider18 in reply to Jamila123

How much has he helped you ?

Wow, quite a mine of information, thanks.


Just what we need, a straight forward article that tells it as it is. Thank you Dr. John. Thank you jamilla 123 for posting the link.

Hi Jamila123,

I found this web site a few years back and, like you, was very impressed - so much so that I called his office to try to arrange a consult. However, his assistant informed that because I was out of country (Canada), he could not consult. His perspective on lifestyle changes is very important. That said, ablation remains the only option for folks who have tried everything without any quality of life improvement. Thanks for posting this link.


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