Dizziness and feeling shattered

Hi all, does anyone else feel like I do,. Having episodes of really bad dizziness to the point of holding on to something to keep me from falling, also feel very weak. Had busy periods at work which made me feel tired and this morning rang in sick as I havnt the energy to go. Taking 7.5mg of Bisoporol and my first appointment with arrythmia nurse at the end of month. Not in any pain although get flash headaches and occasional palps. Normal resting at 72bpm to 115 throughout the day. Sleep patterns all over the place, typical 6hrs a night with up to10 restless episodes of restlessness according to my Fitbit.

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  • Dizziness was a huge issue for me. Several possible causes;

    1.your AF

    2. Side effects of the drugs

    3. Anxiety

    Hopefully you can work out what it is. For me it was the side effects of the drugs to start with but then anxiety was the issue.

  • Yes all correct. Remember that when in AF the blood is not being pumped around the body as efficiently as it should be which results in feeling tired and lethargic. 😊

  • Thanks guys, beginning to wonder if its my meds, I seem to be walking about like a zombie most of the time to.

  • I feel exactly the same dizzy all day long on Metoprofol 50mg smh

  • I have the same problem with dizziness when standing up from a low down posture such as looking at something on a low shelf: I try to do it slowly. Bisoprolol made me very tired - I found it better to take it at night but eventually asked for a different tablet.

  • Hi Colcat I Had to come off Bisoprolol as didn't suit me at all even the lowest dose, all those symptoms occurred..

    There are other drugs ask your Consultant or Arrythmia nurse. Good luck Jo.

  • Is this perhaps a postural blood pressure thing colkat and 123Abc123 ? You can get a blood pressure monitor very cheaply at some supermarkets. Try taking your blood pressure lying down and then again standing up and see if there is a significant difference.

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