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Blood Pressure 164/127

Why do things always happen over the weekend. I had a successful ablation 10 months ago. Apart from extreme breathlessness I had no problems until last night. Felt something go and took my blood pressure and it showed 164/127 and irregular heart beat. I was sitting watching the television at the time. It did come down slowly after a couple of hours and the irregular beat disappeared.

As I live alone, I made a cup of decaf. coffee and read a book until 11.30 p.m. My normal bedtime. Apart from getting up 3 times to go to the "Loo" the breathing wasn't too bad. This morning 7 a.m. after a shower - my bp is 148/79. Much lower than last night but still higher than the EP recommended. I don't have anything to use in emergencies and will consult my GP tomorrow, but does anyone know or experience such high blood pressure please and is there any way to bring it down?

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Sorry to hear this after you were doing so well and yes it is always at the weekend isn't it. 148/79 is not so bad now, mine is often around the same. I find the breathing in to 7 and out to as many as I can manage often brings this down temporarily. Hope the GP can sort you out tomorrow, just relax as much as you can.

Br nda🐝


Trying not to worry helps, but I guess that's not a lot of help at the mo! I never used to suffer from "white coat syndrome" but since AF, I even get it at home now!! First reading is in the 150's but it soon drops into the 140's and settles around 127. I wonder if it was the concern about AF which made it rise, or the rise that caused the AF.....are you anticoagulated?....good luck with the doctor, maybe mention the possibility of having a Pill in the Pocket to help a return to rhythm if necessary.....John


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