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Hi all a bit about me 😳

2 1/2 years ago I had a heart attack following that had 2 stents fitted the doc also decided to fit a loop recorder for AF and pausing, investigations, 6 weeks after the loop recorder had been fitted and after a lots of episodes they decided to pop a pacemaker in there as my heart was having pauses sometimes only beating 11 times per min leaving me knackered and the rest, time went by and six weeks after having the pacemaker fitted I had a stroke here I am now not at my best every day different and having lots of episodes of Af.

Still having angina attacks

Can't seem to walk without getting out of breath doc said it might not be related angina

Is heart failure different to angina? Apologies if it's a stupid question they seem to flow out of my mouth since the stroke πŸ˜±πŸ˜€

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I'm very sorry to hear you have been so ill. Heart failure is different to angina but I'm sure they are linked. The cramping pain from Angina is from reduced blood supply and that's why it can be worse in cold weather or when you exercise. Also you can have differing degrees of heart failure. The best thing is to concentrate on getting back your fitness as much as possible.

The breathlessness may be the lack of oxygen when you have one of your AF episodes and that's because the Atria (top chambers of the heart) are not beating strongly enough at that point so oxygen is not being carried around swiftly enough.

People on here have all had different experiences and will advise you about what medication they are on which helps with the breathing.

Some AF medicines make you breathless too so it's worth writing about what you are taking so people can help

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Hi RosyG, thank you for your reply the information is really helpful πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


Heart failure is when the heart isn't strong enough to pump blood around the body.

Angina is when the circulation to the heart muscle is restricted.

Since you have had a heart attack, there is one part of your heart muscle is no longer working. With that and restricted circulation to the heart, you are likely to easily get short of breath.

I hope things settle down


Hi thanks for your reply, it looks like that's me slowing down then.


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