I am knew to community groups, but seeing I have had trouble with AF, it would be good to belong to this.

I was having strong ad episodes from May last year, up to 2 hrs, would feel my back shudder from it. Have type 1 Diabetes and was seeing specialist, He told me what it was, happen while seeing him. Saw heart specialist in a week. They gave me sotilol. Heart went so slow nearly stopped, went grey, with one tablet. So cathoda ablation. 6 months since, still heart rate changing all the time sit down 60 walk about 100

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  • Hi Rex. If you are still experiencing uncomfortable symptoms, we would suggest you visit your GP again to discuss your treatment options. You can read more information on the treatments available at afa.org.uk

  • Thankyou Rachel, I see my specialist again end of the month. And will have a heart monitor on for 24 hrs. I just hope he does not want to do another ablation, as it was a very slow recovery, ( had urinary track infection as well, so could not control blood sugar levels) and in my case beta blockers not an option. I really appreciate everyone sharing their experiences and supporting one another.

  • There is a Diabetes forum as well. You might find it helpful to keep an eye on that as well.

  • Thankyou, I will check it out

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