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For all Heart Valve replacements and Mitral Valve repairs

Some interesting advice on Antibiotic for certain types of Dental procedures where there is a chance of bleeding.

For people with Heart Valve Replacements and Valve Repairs

With prosthetic material from Heart Surgeon's views which I think is very important for people to see,your Surgeon can also

Explain if you need antibiotics in your particular case.


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I think your article was probably written before this study


which shows the massive reduction in antibiotic prescribing has not affected the incidence of endocarditis and so supports the 2008 nice guidance.


Thank you Goldfish for the link

I would advise you to read the Limitation of the study In the BMJ Article.

I personally follow a Heart surgeon and my own Surgeon on something as important as this who has to deal with the devastation of Infective Endocarditis first hand compared to

NICE who implement Guidelines which is all they really are.

The limitation of the study in the link you provide is as follows I quote

"those perceived to be at highest risk of infective Endocarditis

It does not completely tackle the problem of whether a subset

Of patients particularly those with prosthetic heart valves or history of Infective Endocarditis might still benefit from Antibiotic Prophylaxis . To more directly answer the question a carefully designed randomized placebo controlled trial or Antibiotic Prophylaxis in these patients would be required."

As I have Prosthetic material myself an Annuloplasty Ring and others have Heart Valve replacements this comes under high risk In the NICE Guidelines and the American Heart Association.

So to err on the side of caution and take 3mg of Amoxicillin

Prior to Dental scale and Polish or extraction ionce or twice a year is worthwhile in my opinion.

check for high risk from Dental Procedures in this link

From the American Heart Association



Further more the comments from other professionals on the BMJ Article

call into question the use against Antibiotics.

Endocarditis Prophylaxis: NICE versus the world



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