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Bronchitis? Ain't nobody got time for that!

(With apologies for poor American accent even in writing I still sound Scottish). ..

In bed yet again with a chesty cough and cold symptoms. 2nd time in 2 months. Before AF I'd gone 4 years without a sniffle and was probably quite obnoxious about it to all my snuffling pals. Now though I am making up for lost ground.

Is this bad luck or due to a fib? It's easy to blame it for everything but I'd love to hear your wise words fellow sufferers.

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I was thinking about this exact same thing earlier, with all the talk of cold remedies on here.

When I worked I used to laugh if anyone rang in sick with a cold, I couldn't understand how anyone could be off work with 'just a cold', but my goodness how I've suffered with them going to my chest since I've retired (with me it must be an age thing). I now view colds totally differently and am a lot more sympathetic. Though I still let it run it's course and never take any bought medicine, but perhaps I don't suffer as badly as others! The thing is we all see any condition as being like how we've experienced it and only as bad as the worst we've known. I've never had to stay in bed with a cold, I can hear you all saying lucky thing, she doesn't know how debilitating they can be and that's probably true.

It's the same with AF, we all judge the condition by the episodes we've experienced. When my tachycardia and AF first started I thought it was bad if my attacks lasted a day, then they started lasting longer and longer until they were lasting for weeks and could only be halted by a cardioversion. Now, some people say they carry on going to the gym and doing other energetic sports, going on holiday etc. Well, to all you people all I can say is how very lucky you are, because when I get it bad it's a struggle for me to walk from one room to another as I feel so dreadful and out of breath and I guess a lot of people on here experience the same. Never, ever, could I think of doing anything that required effort. Yes, I've had mild attacks too where I could carry on with a fairly normal life, but usually my heart rate sticks at 130ish and I feel dreadful.

To sum up, we view any condition by how we've experienced it. I'm going to make a big effort from now on to try and not judge others by my experiences.

Scottish Muppet I think the reason for your cold may just be bad luck, getting older or exposing yourself more to the cold virus . It will be interesting to hear what others have to say. Sometimes I like to blame people on the bus who are coughing or blowing their nose and sharing their germs. I have no qualms about moving away from them and always wash my hands as soon as I get in whenever I've been shopping.

Hope you soon feel better.



That's a real misery for you - one of the blighters is enough to overcome.

My theory, for what it is worth is that a heavy cold leaves us weakened and fair game for another (slightly different) lurking virus. After a nasty bout over Christmas I armed myself with a packet of Dettol wipes and carried them everywhere - especially for use on door handles and supermarket trolleys. Got some odd looks too!!

Probably a second bout is bad luck - I hope you recover quickly. Take extra good care of yourself.


So sorry to hear this scottishmuppet. I agree completely with Jeanjeannies comments and yours. Be it a cold, af or any other malady when we get it really badly it knocks us sideways. I rarely have a cold but had a stinker in the autumn and really understood what people mean by a stinking cold. You have my sympathy.

Where af is concerned this hateful condition is dreadful and everyone's experience is different and unique. I recognise the vast range and severity of symptoms people experience and like Jean and many others I am severely highly symptomatic mostly requiring hospital treatment in a and e then cardiac care ward for days being stabilised. I hate it and can only say thank goodness for medics who have all been amazing to me at such times. Never once have I been made to feel I am a nuisance. Conversely I have been told I should have gone sooner.

Similarly whether we have a sniffle (my daily af equivalent is donkey kicks in chest, heart pausing and gasping for a few seconds) or pneumonia (my af equivalent collapsed in hospital) we can only react to the particular circumstances we find ourselves in.

So stay in bed, keep warm, drink plenty and be easy on yourself you deserve some tlc. Hope things improve soon and you are back to full strength in double quick time.


All those medications we take actually deplete our supply of vitamins because we use them to process the drugs out of our body, instead of having them available for normal body processes including protecting us from cold viruses etc. A good multi-vitamin-and-mineral from a health food shop for at least three months each year, along with 500mg of Vitamin C twice a day, will go along way to ward off the colds and to decrease their severity, by replacing the vitamins and minerals we need to fight infections.

Also some people consider that AF arises as a result of an imbalance in vitamins and minerals, so the multi-tablet may help to decrease the severity of our AF too . . .

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I can't comment as to cause, but I am prone to bronchitis. I purchased a nebulizer which I use with colloidal silver solution to breathe it into my lungs. Works every time. I also use drops of the colloidal silver on my cat. Almost every winter he gets a stye in his eye. I used to go to vet $$$, get drops $$ and put in his eyes. About 6 years ago I decided to try silver insstead. Voila! 2 days of 1 drop twice daily - Fixed! Inexpensive and natural cat repair.

One such as this one -


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