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AF with a heart rate of 59bpm


Hi all my AF im (paroxysmal af) usually is around 150 then down to 100 when controlled but this weekend was getting readings of AF at 59 bpm...anyone else had this?

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Are you sure it is AF and not just ectopics?

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Ive looked and there is lots of ectopics, that again ive started showing up with the last week

Kardia picked up my possible AF at 92bpm. I've never registered AF around 60bpm

My AF was always fast 100 150bpm but since cryoblation I have had several bouts under 60bpm and all have resolved by themselves where I used to have CV

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No ectopics just irregular hr I am on 10 mg bisoprolol

I have just checked my Kardi journal and I do have a couple of "AF" readings below 60 but these are all false positives, caused by ectopics. I will attempt to submit a screen shot.

I am in Persistent AF with a resting HR of approx 65-70 bmp. I take Apixiban and 1.25 Bisoprolol x daily

I have AF episodes several times a week and BPM vary between lower 50's and lower 90's usually for 4-6 hours.

Yes I have been in AF numerous times with my heart rate between 60 & 90. It also has happened at rates up to 150.

However this was when I was taking Bisoprolol which is a rate control drug which controlled my heart rate to a resting NSR around 40 - 45.

At my consultation with my EP last week he took me off the Bisoprolol which I have taken for around 20 years.

I am now wondering what will happen now next time my AF rears its ugly head.


i hope you are doing good now. may i know why your EP removed the bisoprolol?

My Bisoprolol was stopped because I have heart block (bad conductivity between Artrium and Ventrical). The Bisoprolol was slowing my heart too much as because of the conductivity issue which causes a slow heart rate anyway.

I had a further ablation 2 years ago and my AF incidences have been significantly reduced. I have not had an episode for over 6 months now. A record for me in all the 30 years since.


wow that's good to hear. i hope my EP figure out soon what is happening to me. i have an ICD and got cardioverted 16 times last month and she is not sure if it was AF or VT.. i am having intermittent episodes even in amiodarone as a last resort meds before ablation and 2.5mg of bisoprolol

Could be the high dose of bisoprolol bringing your heart rate right down

I picked up a virus in November which put me in AF at around 70bpm so its definitely possible. Fortunately for me I reverted to NSR the day before I was going to have a cardioversion and have been fine since

AF doesn't necessarily raise your HR. My HR has been behaving itself for the last 18 months, but I can still feel the AF most days. The nurse at the surgery mentioned that she could hear it when she was checking my blood pressure once.

Typically, my HR is around the 70/90 mark when I'm in AF as compared to 42/54 when in SR. I've still been in AF twice when sent home from A and E because, in both cases, I was told that the medical professionals concerned would have no problems with me being in AF for months with a heart rate like that. The stroke risk remains the same apparently, but, comparatively speaking, it would seem that a lower HR while in AF is seen as being less of a problem than one that is up in three figures, so, while any AF is best avoided of course, your lower rate shouldn't be a cause of great concern bushy 2016 - as mentioned earlier, your lower HR is probably down to the Bisoprolol doing what it's supposed to.

I was in AF for 20 hours yesterday and quite a bit of that time in was in the 88 bpm area. I was on 5mg bisoprolol but have gone down to 3,75 I found the higher dose made an anxious and the AF worse. Anyone else had that problem?

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