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Question re medications prescribed

Hello All

A friend of mine just visited her cardiologist this week due to heart palpitations and fast heart beat. After seeing her ECG and Holter results she was prescribed the following medication to take daily:


Concor cor 2.5

Protevasc sr 35mg

I am seeing them as excessive which I am suspecting is for treating AFib. Is this normal to prescribe more than one medication for treating Afib?

Any comments would be welcome



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Hello - the first two drugs you mention are an antiarrhythmic drug and a beta blocker - called in the UK Propafanone and Bisoprolol. These are often prescribed together for patients with Afib to control rhythm and rate. The third drug seems to be related to treating angina.

I have Afib and take an antiarrhythmic, Bisoprolol for rate control and also an anticoagulant. Perhaps your friend could ask her cardiologist to explain the treatment more fully to her so that she is reassured and understands her treatment better. It's not pleasant to be worried.

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