Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference, from the comfort of your home

The cost of viewing this a-fib patient conference is $197 so I doubt very much that I’ll watch it. If anyone takes the plunge, let us know what you think. This was held September 16-18, 2016 at the Sheraton DFW Airport in Dallas, Texas.

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  • For a lot less than that you can come to our Patient's Day next October!

  • I would love to, but that probably isn't in the cards, either! I wonder who amongst us has attended a conference, whether it me there or in the U.S. You certainly would gain a deeper understanding of a-fib.

  • I have as have several hundreds of people every year - well worth going and it was nothing like that price to attend - only expense was travel & accommodation.

  • Where is that held, Bob ?

  • Patient's Day is held at ICC , Birmingham every October. Usually the first Sunday before the main Heart Rhythm Conference which runs from Monday to Wednesday. Keep an eye out on AF Association website for dates.

  • Many thanks Bob. A bit distant for me.

  • I think it outrageous to have to pay for that and I bet if you search hard enough the information will be available elsewhere - the AFA UK publish all of the UK Patient's Day, with permission from the contributors for nothing!

  • Talking of that - do you know if the last patient's day presentations are online now?

  • Looks to me the the entire conference is included in the package. The information said:

    "When you watch the livestream replays, you’ll get 16 full hours of amazing content you can’t get anywhere else.

    See the full faculty and agenda from the conference here."

  • Here's the agenda from that conference:

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