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Post operative Pacemaker Advice Please?


Hi all,

I have had a successful pacemaker placement earlier this year and am feeling a whole lot better heart-wise.

Was wondering if anyone has had any issues of their left shoulder? as I have been advised that the pain and stiffness I am experiencing could be a result of the operation disturbing the muscles.

Any input greatly appreciated.


Wishing everyone the best for Christmas and a happy New Year :))

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Very occasionally I get an ache in the PM implant site, but not in the shoulder.

Many thanks for your reply John.

I think you're right on all levels.

I've had my pacemaker flor 4 years now and I still get aches and pains from its location. I guess a foreign body instu is going to always cause some discomfort. I'm aware of the symptoms however I don't dwell on it as I have to live with it forever. I'm pacemaker dependent.



in reply to tibetan36

Many thanks for your reply Barry - I followed up at my GP this am, as I am not sleeping due to level of discomfort in my shoulder and back - having further tests, as it may not be due to pacemaker after all...

Like you, I know my pacemaker has and is having a huge benefit to my quality of life too :)) I am really thankful it is there....

Kind regards, and wishing you compliments of the season.


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