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Persistent AF

10 years ago I collapsed at a garage after I had been feeling rough,was found to be in aF with a heart rate of over 200 was kept in hospital until a slot for an angiography at papworth was available

No other problems were found I was treated with drugs, amiodorone and soltalol

I then had a cardioversion to regain sinus rhythm, this lasted 3 months then back into af, 2nd cardioversion done at papworth lasted a few days, 3rd one didn't work at all

then had to have an ablation which takes 4-5 hours and cardioverted back Into sinus rhythm this lasted a few weeks and had a redo ablation shortly after which finally worked

from start to finish it took 4 years to sort

Then last week after 6 years of being free I suddenly went back into af for no apparent reason

I was taken to addenbrookes hospital given a large dose of metoprolol and then cardio verted back into sinus rhythm

A week on still in rhythm

it is a pain really not knowing when it could happen again

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Hi Derek, I see you have only just joined the forum, so welcome.......naturally sorry to hear that things have taken a change and there will be many here who better placed to offer help. Of course you are worried after being free of AF for so long after 2 ablations. There are a good few members who have had 3 or more ablations and are enjoying the benefits so all is not lost I'm sure. Hopefully, you will continue to stay in rhythm, but maybe you should ask to be to referred to an EP (Electrophysist) who will be able to help you move forward.

Others will comment, but the fact that you have stayed in rhythm for so long must be a postive.....good luck, and keep us informed of progress.



Hi John

thanks for your reply and welcoming words

I'm not really concerned what will be will be,I have been under an epic for 8 years now

Regards Derek

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Sorry to read you recently entire back into AF. However six years AF free is brilliant post ablations considering it's not a cure as such. I've had two ablations in the last 18 months and have just had a period of 3 months AF free which is great!

Like you I have been on metoprolol for 6 years since first diagnosed with PAF - it is good for rate control and helping slow the heart when one goes into AF - but seems to have no effect on returning to NSR which seems pretty random in my case.

Hopefully it is only a blip - perhaps a referral to an EP would help if you get any more - I have very little confidence that GPs can do much other than prescribe what your consultant advises..

Good luck.


Gutted for you.

Can I suggest that you read up advice on this site re possible life changes to help reduce the AF - things like diet, reducing caffeine, reducing alcohol, taking magnesium. Stress is a trigger so learn about controlled breathing.

Very best wishes.


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