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Post ASD closure

Like many people, I was diagnosed with a hole in my heart which I've apparently, had from birth. This was discovered after an isolated instance of PAF following panic attacks in April 2016. I've now had my ASD closure a couple of weeks ago. Prior to the procedure, I had not experienced any more A/F episodes after July but, since the operation I have had scores! I am also very tired and my anxiety and fear is going through the roof!!! Has anyone experienced any similar problems after an ASD closure and, if so, will the a/fibs ever stop? I feel worse now than I did before the operation and I really don't want to have Catheter Ablation??

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Messing with the insides of the heart through surgery is a known reason for AF. It often happens after valve or bypass surgery and was no doubt one of the risks listed for your procedure.

That said you may find things settle after a while as recovery is slow in these things.

Yes I know how scary it is but learning more should help. Go to AF Association website and read all you can.

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I had my ASD closed in 2001 at the age of 50 with a 32mm device. I did go into Flutter a few years later and was ablated with 100% success. My closer was the best medical procedure I have had. I wish you all the best.


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