1 year since RF Ablation

Well it has been exactly a year since my RF ablation. I am an active 53 year old, running, cycling, swimming and playing squash regularly. I was diagnosed with PAF in June 2015 and ended up in A&E after a squash match. I was very scared and was reassured by the doctors that I wasn't going to die! I was given Rizaoxaban combined with Flecinide, Bisoprol and finally Amidoderone but was still getting daily episodes. I must admit was mentally crushed and fell into a mixture of anxiety and depression. Eventually I had an ablation at Leeds General Infirmary. It was not pain free BUT I started to feel better straight away. I had a couple of brief episodes a couple of weeks later but since then nothing. I had plenty of ectopics for the first few months and chronic anxiety and indigestion BUT things have got slowly better ( thanks to advice and guidance from BobD and others on this wonderful site) and I feel quite positive. I am cycling and swimming and playing squash again now. For those out there who are scared to go for ablation I would urge you to go ahead, as the prospect of getting back to something close to your old self is absolutely worth it. I realise my AF may return in the future and I may need another ablation but I would definitely do it again. So be brave and take the chance to get your life back.

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  • Congratulations- I am in a similar situation but have resisted ablation because of the 2.4% "serious" complication rate. That means 1 in 40 people have a very serious complication, such as stroke etc - but great for you that you took the risk and it paid off!

  • Great news and always good to hear about success. Well done.

  • Great news.....hopefully will encourage others too!

  • Great news and reassuring as a 57 yr old "ex" triathlete awaiting a date for my ablation. I am looking forward to training again. Thanks for post.

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