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48-hour monitor results

The doctor gave me a call today (finally) to discuss my 48-hour monitor results. Essentially it showed nothing abnormal, according to him. There are some readings which alarm me slightly though. I'll list the key findings below to simplify:

- HR readings ranged from 45-140.

- No AF or any other arrhythmia recorded.

- Lowest reading was 39BPM, which was monitored overnight whilst I slept.

- Highest reading was 140 after exertion.

- Ectopics were recorded but he told me that the number was 'very minimal'.

The recording that alarms me the most is the 39BPM recording which was taken overnight. Although I'm aware that the heart does slow significantly when you are sleeping, I don't know how significant this low a reading is. I have just assumed to trust the doctor wholeheartedly in what he tells me to be honest. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

On a more positive note, he has ordered a month-long monitor for me, just for my peace of mind and to be sure that no arrhythmia go undetected, as well as a stress test.

All in all, good news, but still no definitive answer to my case.


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39 is quite low but last year when I did random sampling with an ECG machine I found one old boy with a rate of 36 ,, and he was laughing like a drain at the time not sleeping. I think the RNLI sweat shirt might have been a clue. I doubt many of us know our sleeping rate so I guess best be guided by your doctor on that one.


I note you had been taking propranolol which will obviously slow your heart. Also if you are pretty fit, these readings would not be unusual (they are very similar to mine) I have been down to the low 30s when I was fittest.


Hi my sleeping rate is in the 20s with long pauses which really alarmed me. I was told this was fine because the heart was resting - particularly since it had gone high and in AF during the day. I think be guided by your instinct to trust your doctor, you have a month long tape to be done and you can be reassured by that too. You sound to be in good hands and especially as in addition to the tapes they are ordering further tests. It is good news that you haven't got significant arrhythmia.


My heart rate is low and that is why I can't take Bisoprolol which the Dr prescribed so told me to use it as PIP. It is usually around 48 during the day so I am sure it drops much lower during the night whilst asleep. The Dr doesn't seem concerned but if my AF progresses it will cause problems as I will not be able to use rate control drugs. If Your Dr doesn't seem concerned I would try not to worry, kind regards.


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