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Diagnosis ?

I have a CPAP machine for apnea which is not effective .Had a cardiac arrest 14 yrs ago after classic heart failure symptoms [ dysponea] deliberately ignored for 4 yrs before and since with no referrals policy .This concerned oxygen pumping.I now have yet another holter monitor implanted not revealing problem which is daily that I comotose suddenly when have food, tablets or a drink .Also I have had Pulmonary hypertension found when all heart tests ok. I am then confused for the rest of the day .As also have mobility function problems too[ Dukes analysis] anxious to address so don't become housebound and without monitoring [ Telehealth]? as solo.By the way no anaesthetist will take the risk regarding anaesthetic teeth restoration etc when NHS & social services pretends nothing wrong yet no Insurance Company will also insure.What is going on?

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A friend had to try more than one CPAP machine and the second one changed his life - the first machine didn't help at all. I can't talk with any real knowledge about the other problems you face, but do have great sympathy, you certainly seem to be going through the mill.


I tried all the masks for cpap and the only one that works for me is the ful face mask

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If the CPAP machine is not effective who investigates or researches into this as no Doctor hospital or GP says it is their responsibility to diagnose or stand up for your terminated hospital appts . If a hippocratic oath had been taken would this be happening when disability found .

Surely letting those [ now GPs too] directed by accountants via admin take charge is a safety issue when GPs are not specialists either.How wasteful to let them pretend they are assisting patients when ignoring and allowing using Choose & Book in their patients place using hospitals & Consultants [ Registrars

?]you would never choose .

If you cut on cuts surely this l doesn't make reasonable, ethical sense It leaves the most elderly vulnerable without carers to be bullied and tortured by its system .From a potential bed blocker.Just look how Urology is treated with all specialists dealing with mainly men .Look at the collection process and the questionable dip stickd .Utis are a sympton & depts should be gateways to further research if no suitable effective treatment.Does the SAB want to know .You are not allowed contact.


My sleep test was negative however I am still researching ways to better sleep as most episodes occur at night. I bought a contour pillow and a bed lift to start. Someone on another thread mention breathing methods such as Buteyko that work. Im sure the mask works for most, but what about the ones who dont have apnea and still have sleep issues?


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