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Pulse appearing erratic

Hi all

I had a wee episode of pain a couple of weeks ago which eventually had me toddle up to A&E for a check. Was discharged eventually with pain killers and no specific diagnosis. However felt much better by then and just wanted home.

Anyway the reason I'm posting - I was hooked up to a BP and heart monitor during my 4 hour stay, moSt of which was spent waiting around alone with my kids. The kids kept reading my HR out loud and it did seem to jump around a lot! 50 then 70 then 55 then 65 then 75 then 53...literally every couple of minutes.

This was of.course all missed by the Dr there and I didn't mention at the time as by then me and the kids had had enough.

Should I be concerned or is that quote normal? I was just lying on a bed and while in a bit of pain I wasn't stressed at all.

With thanks!

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Sorry to hear that you were in A&E. Yes I suspect that the kids really enjoyed that and its always surprising how some of the simple things can keep them that amused!!!!

Do I remember correctly that you are in persistent AF? Actually it doesn't matter whether or not you are re the validity of my comments.

Personally I don't think that was anything to worry about. I monitor mine on the Kardia (AliveCor) and I do a two minute reading so that there is a realistic comparison day to day because the accuracy is improved. Typically I am sitting still for 10 minutes before starting the recording. HR comes out at say 90 +or- 10. However I also note manually the maximum and minimum "rolling" average that the Kardia displays and a week or so ago it was 37 to 128!!!! Typically I have a difference of 30 between minimum and maximum, though it can be over 50 or 60.

I'm not medically qualified!!!

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Heart rates vary in normal people as well! They are supposed to according to what demands are placed on it by the body. Pain is a demand so HR will shoot up in response to stabs of pain or any other stimulus. Don't worry.

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😂you saying I'm not normal Bob?


I meant people without AF


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