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Ectopics and NSR

I apologise if my questions are obvious, but I have a GP appointment this week and need him to understand my AF anxieties.

Are atrial ectopics regarded as being in NSR or out of NSR?

When I am taking my pulse and my atrial salvos are firing off, do I count each one as a proper beat? When this is happening I can go from 50bpm to 100+ in an instant. This is when I get the 'Unclassified' or 'possible AF' kardia reading. I'm finding it difficult to differentiate, physically, between short runs of AF and bombarding clusters of ectopics.

Thank you for your help here.

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If you can see a P wave on your Kardia then you are not in AF but it can be difficult to see them if your heart rate is high. I've had reports from my cardiologist of 'NSR with frequent atrial premature beats', so it sounds like he classified mine as NSR - it still felt lousy though.

Regarding the speeding up of your HR - could you also be having short runs of tachycardia between ectopics? I've noticed an ectopic, followed by 6 or 7 very fast beats, followed by another ectopic, then normality until the next lot.

I would be inclined to print out the Kardia traces and present them to your GP to allow him/her to talk you through your worries and get advice.


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