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Implantable Loop Recorder - Is It Covered by Insurance?

My EP wants to put a loop recorder in me (scheduled for October 25). I have no idea if my insurance will cover this procedure and the monitoring that goes with it. I have Medicare as a primary and Aetna as a secondary. I had an Cryoblation done in July but a holter monitor the following month did pick up some problems. I have never had a normal EKG, but the ablation seems to be holding for now. Does anyone know about the insurance part? Thanks.

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I can't answer about the insurance question, but I had one fitted 2 years ago. The op lasted less than half an hour under local anaesthetic. When asked if I was alright, I answered that I'd had worse clips round the back of the ear off my mom. In use, it's as if there's nothing changed. If anything I don't see the reason your insurance should be changed because as far as I see it's not a life changing object. To look at it, it's a small chip in a small incision /pocket over the heart. All the big bits are external. Dave

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