I have been in persistent AF since August2015, I was supposed to have a cardioversion last October but because my Warfarin levels were lower than they wanted they cancelled and I wasn't given another date. I am still under the cardiologist but on ly see the Nurse attached to the clinic. I am absoluitely fed up with my life, I used to be so fit and healthy but now get out of breath and feel faint. I have also discovered I am now diabetic. I hope to persuade the Hospital to do something for me, I am 75 years old but as said up until August20-15 was quite fit.

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  • You need a referral to an Electrophysiologist. I was very lucky to see a Cardiologist who referred me on to an EP. If this had not happened then I dread to think where I would be now.

    Are you getting all the help you need regarding your diabetes?

  • Hi Prankard 26,

    I could say 'snap' Like you I have been in persistent AF since Aug 2015 after suffering paroxysmal AF for 14 years.

    IAt that time I paid to see a private cardiologist straight away as the wait to see one under the NHS was several months. He reluctantly offered to do a cardioversion but as it had to have meant taking the dreaded amiodarone for several months we both agreed not to go for this.

    Eventually in January this year I got my appointment with the NHS cardiologist who I hasten to add was not that knowledgable about AF, and he was more than happy to go along with what my private cardiologist had advised. I think he was after a quiet life.

    I take bisoprolol and warfarin and struggle on. I do wonder if I made the right decision last Aug not to do anything even tho it was really what the cardiologist quietly advised.

    This past year hasn't been so bad I suppose but I do wish I could feel 'normal again' but you can always look around and find others worse off than yourself. So try not to be downhearted you are certainly not alone.

    By the way I am 77.

    Love to you


  • I will not take any beta blocker, calcium blockers and Amiodarone but they did my cardio version anyway, which was successful for all of 5 days. The EP said it would not be permanent as I need an ablation but as they found a blood clot in my heart on the day after a TOE, they put me on warfarin as I was only taking Apixiban. I have to wait for another two months with a TOE booked for early November before they will book me for an ablation, so hopefully the clot will have gone. My EP did comment that the clot was not a recent one, so I count myself lucky.

    Keep going back and pushing you will get there in the end.

  • Hi Jenny, I am going to ask to be referred to an EP next Thursday when I am in clinic. Yes am under the Docs surgery sister for my diabetes, only just found out I have it but am losing weight which is quite worrying. Thanks

  • Getting the diabetes sorted should help. You can't feel well with that problem untreated.

    Then you will see more clearly to get the AF treated. Don't take 'No' for an answer, and always chase appointments. Unfortunately files can 'go missing' and only you can highlight the problem to them.

    You can feel a lot better - with appropriate treatment.

  • You need to see an EP (Electrophysiologist). They are cardiologists who have specialised in arrhythmia (ie they are the electricians of the vascular system including the heart not plumbers which is the equivalent of what most cardiologists). If you can afford it go and see one privately (cost say £150 to £400). You will get seen quicker and get loads more information. I suspect you have fallen through the cracks as you should have received next appointment fia a cardioversion 4 to 6 weeks later.

  • Prankard, what is your heart beat, is it over 100 or below because this plays a big part?

  • It's not necessarily the number that plays a big part but the ratio that rate is compared to that individual's normal. Some people naturally have a HR of 100. Others 60. Both are "normal".

  • I have no idea what my heartbeat is because I cannot find it, I will ask at the clinic next week.

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