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Hiya everyone, just saw GP with my Kardia...


Hello, I went to GP today. I took along my Kardia...

Mmmmmmmm, I know, swanky!.... It's been my new toy for a week...

So I just showed her it in the box and asked "have you heard of these?" and she had, I opened my iPad and showed her a Kardia ECG I had sent off for analysis (because the Kardia app had labelled it "Unclassified" and advised me to get it looked at).

It showed bradycardia and that there were a lot of ventricular ectopics and of atrial ectopics. I had a few like this I could show her.

So, she looked at the first one, there was the brief analysis at the top and the EEG set out readably.

She looked at it in detail then started typing and said "You need a referral".

The Kardia was evidence I had never had before, showing how my heart can behave even wIthout AF. (And it showed that the bisoprolol is causing chronic bradycardia).

She is willing to refer me to the EP of my choice. We are hammering out the best way to get integrated care for my very complex set of conditions and the AF's interaction with them.

I want to thank everybody who shares their knowledge and expertise on this forum. including reviewing this and other useful equipment. I am so grateful. You are so kind and brilliant!

You have all made a big big difference to me, and to many others, and the Kardia is just one part of that!

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A result! And you are now making progress towards treatment. Brilliant!


That's really interesting Boombiddy. I've only recently bought a Kardia and feel very reassured with it ( yes, its my new toy as well ). I'm capturing my ' fast runs ' with it to see if they follow any pattern . Pleased that yours has proved so useful at this early stage.


Good result! Well done you. And I echo your sentiments about all the help and support, 'I wouldn't be were I am today......' without this forum and if I had Flapjack's emos on my IPad I'd add lots of happy, celebration thingys!

I think a lot more doctors are taking us seriously because we can produce evidence - way to go!


My cardiologist recommends that his patients get Kardia if they have intermittent symptoms - I got a speedy ablation partly on the strength of my recordings 😀

Superb result Boomdiddy! It couldn't have been better, really. Best wishes with your future treatment. xx

You are all wonderful!

I took my kardia to my last visit also. They were impressed and took me more seriously I think when I told them I had been going in and out of afib. It showed on the kardia.-5 times in one week. for me, it gives me peace of mind that it is not my imagination and it gives me a trend. Most of mine was an hour or so after eating. Not so much what I was eating, but how much and time of day.

I am 81/2 weeks after my first ablation.

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