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I've asked my GP for access to my medical records online, and repeat prescriptions etc. They've given me a letter with all the details I need, but first thing is to choice a provider out of a list of two.

The choice is:

1. Patient Access

2. i-Patient

Can anyone recommend which they think is best please?

Thank you


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  • Personally I have experience of Patient Access because that's the one offered by the surgery. Certainly the repeat prescription module is good not only for ordering but also reviewing what you have had in the last year. The booking service works well.

    I only know about some aspects of the medical records module since the GP info doesn't show any data. However quite a bit of your own Apple Health Data can be shared in there.

  • think you were talking about Apixaban-picked up mine OK ( 2 months supply) hope you got yours sorted out

  • Thanks for askingRosy. I got down to the last pill, But then they sorted me out, so all good now.


  • that's good !!

  • But then they ran out of Disopyramide 😂 But ok on that now too 😃

  • you are lucky to be offered a choice! My GP practice uses EMIS (Patient Access) and it's very good for getting test results, booking appointments and repeat prescriptions. It also gives you a historical picture but this is as good as your electronic record only so doesn't go back to the paper era unless your GP has transcribed it. What I can't see on EMIS is correspondence from hospitals and any notes the GP has made - it just lists my medical conditions that have been flagged. I don't know if i-patient is any different

  • Anyone use i-Patient?

  • Hi, I asked to see my records in person, ( mostly handwritten ) I'm not sure I would do it online though, but for the question I would opt for access,

    Hope this helps...

  • Hello Koll,

    I did this and it is really good and time saving. You log in to Patient access. I found I-patient was unavailable. Good luck

  • Hi Koll

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