Reassurance to those taking Rivaroxaban re minor cuts

A couple of days ago I had a nasty accident with our razor sharp breadknife - sliced my thumb and there was a river of blood. As we had visitors a visit to A&E was not on the cards so I put my First Aid into practice, giant wad of paper towel and continued pressure. It was not very long before I could apply a tight waterproof plaster. I think I I'll have a scar, too bad! Anyway just posting for the sake of newbies who fear taking anticoagulants - usual aid still works!

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  • Great to post a real blood story!!!

    I always keep some stero strips so that you can pull skin together tightly.

  • Same here, trapped my thumb today, river of blood, I applied pressure, before too long I was able to apply a plaster.

  • Proves its working!

  • It did't work for me - had a small cut on my arm - applied pressure and raised the limb, applied a dressing which soon got soaked, it took 4 hours for the blood to stop, and I was a bit nervous to say the least, fortunately it was a very small cut. Since found that for me a better way is to let the air to the wound and for half an hour to let the blood to dry and form a scab ! Breaking all the usual rules.

  • I'm on rivaroxaban and I've used black pepper on small cuts very effective dust some on a piece of gauze or paper towel and apply it works for me

  • Scary thing is was just a cut 😳

  • Small gaping wound more like, but I agree, position of wound makes a difference.

  • Yes

    What i was implying is that its a minor injury thank goodness

    Imagine if it was more of a traumatic injury

    Cannot put plasters on that 🙈

  • Has anyone tried ice/ice packs? I'm six weeks in on blood thinners, so far doing really well ... not looking forward to nosebleed season (winter when there is dry heat on, thank goodness I don't have forced air, just radiators). BTW this summer (before bloodthinners) I dropped a huge window on my fingertip in Amsterdam, we were staying in one of those canal front terraced homes and it slipped and fell onto my fingernail. After dancing around swearing, I stuck it in a bowl of ice and miraculously it was fine the next day! So I guess never underestimate your granny's advice on cuts and bruises ...

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