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Hello everyone, I have just joined this community after having a pre opp examination prior to having a hernia repair where it was found I had AF. After seeing a second specialist who said the hernia repair could go ahead I am now waiting 4 weeks to see a specialist regarding the AF, my heart was beating irregular and my pulse was 96 on the ESG.

Has anyone here experienced anything similar who would be able to offer what might lie ahead?

Thank you


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  • Hi Dave and welcome to your world. First thing to say is that AF is not life threatening but it is life changing. There is no 100% cure so any treatment is about improving quality of life. You don't say if your AF is paroxysmal (comes and goes on its own) or persistent (there most of the time) but since you were not aware of it I'm guessing it is persistent. Most with paroxysmal find it debilitating when events occur and are extremely symptomatic.

    Next advice is to go to AF Association main website and hoover up as much knowledge as you can from the fact sheets there. Then ask here with any questions.

    AF makes us five times more at risk of stroke so depending on several other risk factors you may need to be on anticoagulation. There is a risk calculator known as CHADS2VASC2 which you can do for yourself on that site and then discuss with your doctors..

    Right now worry only about the hernia repair but if it is like my last one you will hardly notice it and be back in harness PDQ. The wonders of keyhole mesh against the old fashioned needlework job!

    Regarding on going treatment there are many options from various drugs to a minimally invasive procedure known as ablation (see AFA site booklets) but you need to see a specialist first and preferably an electrophysiologist who is a cardiologist who understands the electrics of the heart rather than a plain old plumber.

    Good luck and do ask!


  • Hello Bob, thank you for the prompt and reassuring reply. I wasn't aware of having AF prior to the ECG, I'll have a look on the AF association site as you suggest.

    Thanks again


  • You can do your score here To know whether you should be starting any blood thinner, which your GP could give you before you see the cardiologist. You've done well to get an appointment in 4 weeks!

  • Thank you For your advice Goldfish, I have scored 1 so will wait and see what the specialist advises.

    Thanks again


  • Welcome David

  • Thank you Dedalus.

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