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ECG with a P on T ectopy pattern

Hi All,

Just recieved a letter from the hospital with the above wrote in it.

Being a bit thick, i dont know what it is exactly, i know what ectopic beats are, but a bit unsure on that wording.

I know there are some excellent posters on here, so thought i would ask if anyone could be kind enough to enlighten me..hope you are all well or at least coping;-)

Best wishes


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Hi Robby

Certainly not a medical expert, and even more not an expert on the interpretation of ECGs, which takes years of experience. (and yes doctors often get it wrong, my GP looked at my ECG and told me I was having a heart attack)

ECGs as you know measure a number of points and waves, and each of these are assigned a letter.

The "P" wave classically is the little jump in the line just before a ventricular heart beat, and it's the one that is supposed to send the signal from the atria to the ventria to tell it to beat.

The absense of a "p" wave is a classic indicator of AF.

Now I run out of what I know and into what I can Google

The "T" wave is the jump in the line which in normal sinus rhythm would indicate a ventricular heartbeat, depending on which sensor is reading the T wave (you will remember that ECGs use 12 leads usually) the doctor can use this to diagnose such things as left and right bundle branch blocks, and many other heart conditions.

If I were you I would be on the phone to my EP on monday asking him/her to explain what they interpret the results as, say you are worried.

Hope this helps a little

Be well



Hi Ian,

Thanks for taking the time to reply, i had my second ablation in February RF type, as previous one 3 years ago was a cryo.

Absolutely made up with the results, in fact ive gone back to working on a building site..been 3 weeks in work and am just getting back to where i was 25 years ago..

Feel like a new man, just had the odd ectopic beat and a few bumps...but AF free..

As i say it was a letter off the hospital this morning from my appointment 4 weeks ago..but they didnt mention anything at the time about the just wondered if it was anything i should be concerned about,

Feel like i am 25 again, cant tell you how much better i am..long may it continue..

Felt like an invalid for the last 3 years, so to get back to this is amazing..everyone should have hope and never give up.

Best wishes



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