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Side effects of flecinate,propafenone,amiodarone and sotalol

Hi everyone, I am on 150 mg of flecinate for sinus ventricular tachicardia, it gives me intense dreams, so want to try something else, like propfenone,or amiodarone or another drug that works better. I also wake up twice a night with tachicardia, I do not now if it is from the intense dreams or my heart does not like it when I am in deep sleep something triggers it to start beating fast. Help, need on trying something new.

Thanks and God bless you all, to blessed

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I think we all respond differently to each AF drug, so what suits one may not suit another. Flecainide has been my wonder drug and helped so much in controlling my heart rate, Sotalol (which I only took for a short while) made me feel drained of energy. Amiodarone did nothing for me at all.



Amiododorone should be used with caution IMO, I took it for 4 months and it has messed me up no end.

I couldn't be near the sun, I was getting sunburn inside the house, wearing spf50+ in February, my eyesight has deteriorated , and my thyroid is shot. So, don't take that decision lightly. I know that some people have taken it for years, but I will never take it again.

As for waking with tachycardia, I used to do that too. One of the best things to come out of being diagnosed with AF is I was referred to a sleep clinic because my EP thought I might have sleep apnea, (my GP had ignored my requests for referral for years) Although only very mild SA was diagnosed, my O2 saturation dropped like a stone, so I now have a cpap machine. It took some getting used to, but I dont wake in the night feeling like I was running a marathon !!

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My consultant said he would not like to be on Amiodarone so am happy flecainide works for me


Better check Amiodarone for side effects first, it might not effect your slumber time but certainly effects all manner of organs Toblessed.


Propafenone affected my memory and made me feel spaced-out, but worked very well in controlling my AF. Flecainide gave me palpitations and I had to stop taking it. But these effects are not common judging by this forum, as many people take them without problem.

We're all different so not sure this helps!

Don't know the other two.



I was on Amiodarone, 400 mg, twice a day with no side effects whatsoever.


I was on Amiodarone for seven months and experienced significant side effects (tremor similar to Parkinsons Disease and damage to the cornea), Because of these I was transferred to Sotalol and have been much happier with this drug. It has the advantage of acting both as a rate control and a rhythm control drug. Although people respond differently I noticed that the list of possible Sotolol side effects is much shorter than for the other drugs mentioned, which must be an advantage.


Amioderone makes me dream all night


I'm on 100mg of flecainide daily but occasionally I do dream and wake up with fast heart rate. Not sure if it's the flecainide though


Flecainide did not agree with me. I lost appetite, felt lethargic and the symptoms of Atrial Flutter kept reoccurring. After three nights the GP put me on Bisoprolol and Digoxin. A few months later the Consultant put me on 7.5 mg of Bisoprolol only. Had an ablation three months ago but AFib started two nights afterwards. Still deliberating as to whether I should take Sotalol. I have been put on the waiting list for another ablation but this time for AFib. The one for A. Flutter was a success. Not getting so many episodes of AFib but then I make sure I do not do too much exertion. My husband does the hoovring, etc. However, I do walk at a moderate pace for about 30 mins. daily. Prepare and eat good food and make sure I do not go to bed too late.


I went into afib several times while sleeping, woke up feeling awful. Have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, now with cpap I am much better, no more episodes so far but they have also implanted a dual lead pacemaker about two months after the cpap. So far staying in NSR on lopressor 25 mg BID. Had been on propafenone for 20 months it worked great then stopped working. Betapace and Cardizem neither one worked at all. I now have a cpap, pacemaker, Lopressor and warfarin. That is all the drugs I take, nothing else.


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