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Af and tachicardia need help


Hi I am new to this web site. I have af and tachicardia. I take 150mg of flecinate, no caffeine, no alcohol, low sugar, and vegan diet. All this helps my symptoms, but at night I wake up at least twice with rapid heart rate. I have had two ablations. I wanted to ask if any one has tried another drug that helps better than flecinate.flecinade gives me real dreams at night that work me up into rapid heart rate.

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Propafanone may be an alternative. That is what I was on when I had AF.

Please tell me that you also take an anti coagulant?

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No I do not

Have you been checked out for sleep apnea?

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I will thanks

Hi Toblessed, try more breathing and relaxation exercises generally in the evening and of course make sure your bedroom is a very relaxing place. I have had some higher heart rate and still wake up with a slightly higher rate in the morning. I am no professional but I think this issue is all tied up with too higher stress level and the interplay at night between the Vagus Nerve and the parasympathetic system. It takes time. Good luck.

I am scheduled to have a sleep apnea test, soon so we will see if that helps me sleep at night. I guess my question is i have had 2 ablations and still have premature ventricular contractions and tachicardia or rapid thumping heart rates all the time. The lower I go on flecinate the more break thru's I have. The question is why do I have these symptoms still and would another ablation fix the cells that are causing my heart to have pvc's and rapid heart rate. My doctor is not very pro active. I do want to get the attachment to my phone that takes your ekg and heart rate and then sends it to your doctor. I want to see if an ablation would fix my heart issues or do I just stay on medicine and live with the symptoms. I am in Gods hands so I am content, to what ever he wills.

I sleep on 5 pillows at night and on my right side. If I lay flat it is very uncomfortable, breathing wise. I am 5'11" and 195 lbs. I am trying to lose weight, I know that will help.

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The last 3 days I have been in A&E twice with terrible pain in my chest and back with all extras to get me and hospital staff worried. Then last night, the pain still being there and ectopics I had a very sharp stabbing pain. I had a warm drink, some GTN and went to bed. There I lay on my back and everything settled for the night.

It is alive kor

I cannot believe that you have had 2 ablations and your EP did not put you on an anti coagulant. Please read up on this site how important they are in preventing strokes and then see your EP.

Please go and see your doctor and get him to put you an anti-coagulant ASAP xx

I cannot help with medication recommendation since Flecainide was the only med I took prior to my ablation. I had problems at night while on it too. I had my ablation in March of this year and doctor got the tachycardia but I continue to have the pvc/pac's sadly. Although just 2 nights ago I had the first signs of tachycardia again. I ate late that night and suspect that triggered it. Mine was always associated with food/drink ingredients too so I am on a very strict diet. Night time is always worst for the pvc/pac's still. I don't have afib yet but was told this is a precursor to getting it. I was so hopeful the ablation would stop all of the issues. My EP told me to come back for another if I can't tolerate the pvc/pac's and I think, why couldn't he get them while I was already there. I feel your pain with this condition. It is so frustrating. I do yoga, meditation, hypnosis and massage. I don't know what more I can do to be healthy enough to stop this. I feel I already am doing everything. I also exercise regularly. Seems unfair.

What is pac's? Our conditions are so frustrating and uncomfortable. Like you I am trying to manage these symptoms. Yes, your right food and drink can trigger heavier symptoms and if your over weight too. I think we have to just control what we can diet, sleep and exercise and faith in God. The doctors do not like to do ablations unless they have to, so right now the alternative is staying healthy and on meds. I would love to find a pro active ep who is up on the newest technology for pvc's, tachicardia and af and see if he could reduce my symptoms. I was thinking about the Cleveland clinic. I heard they are the best for electrical problems of the heart. Yet at the end of the day, I am to blessed to be stressed, I have been married 17 years to my best friend, I have 5 children and one grand child so no complaints, just trying to feel better. Thanks for all your advice, blessings to you all.

Yes Cleveland clinic is rated number one and I actually had set up an ablation date there last year but was able to get in sooner in Boston where they are rated number 4 in the country. Top ten are all great places to go. I know the try so hard to do it all right and still there it is. My EP told me not to be surprised if needing 2nd ablation but it still comes as a blow. It's pretty lucky I surmise for a one time ablation to be the fix........ugh....hard to wrap my head around this too.

Thank you for your good info, yes I agree .three ablations is a lot but if it fixes my condition it is worth it but have to find the right Doctor that understands my condition too see what I should do for what is going on with me. God bless you all!

If I get an alive /for monitor well it pick up pvc's and tachicardia or just af?

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Look on the Kardia website.

I am looking for a wonderful electricardiologiest in Sonoma county, Marin area, please help!

I've had three ablations and the most burning anyone has ever had at my hospital. I am always tachycardia but have a full time job which involves a lot of travelling and some physical work. I find sleep works best - I never got to a and e but rest and deep breathing. I rely on the anticoags to keep me safe and I don't worry about it. I' always 100 - 120 despite considerable medication. Once i realised the anti coags would keep me safe I wasn't going to worry about it.

Oh and I drink half a bottle of wine a night and eat anything I like, I don't think it makes the slightest bit of difference. I will never be 'right' but I have a great life.

I thought I was the only one that when I have a dream it brings on my AF. Also I think AF starts from my stomach sometimes.

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