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Hi there .today I was taken in again with AF.

But this time it was due to a bad chest infection and cough that was so wheezy that I coughed myself into AF.

I saw my consultant Mr Hanna,lovely man.

Who said the coughing because of the infection had started the AF.

He has now changed my meds and I'm now on.

10mgs Bisopolol Nd 40mgs x2 of VERAPAMIL.

Never heard of this before.

Anyone had any use of this and can tell me how it was for them?

Now on mega antibiotics to clear infection.

More polls.

But at least it will clear.

He also said I should have a PILL IN THE POCKET and wasn't happy arrhythmia nurse had not made time for me or even suggested it.

Not every consultant or nurse is!!!!

Thank you.

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Morning - hope you're feeling better today.

I have verapamil as I declined the beta blocker offered initially.

It is a calcium channel blocker. Lots of good info on the British Heart Foundation website (sorry link not posting properly).

Anyway I have found it has helped. It instantly relieved my chest pain and breathlessness and seems to have slowed by HR but not too much.

Crucially serious side effects are rare and the my EP specifiacally mentioned was constipation. Magnesium supplements are great for your heart and also seem to help the bowels so. I've had no issues 😀. All the best.


Thank you.

Feel im being overloaded with pills.

Until lasy july id only ever taken 1 pill per day.

Then AF happened.

The consultant was impressed i gad no real problems but sort of came home with a bindle of pills.

Scary time.

Thank you.

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I have taken Verapimil for many years - about 20. It was first prescribed at a very low dose for possible PVCs (only slight evidence with event recorder & nothing on echo), then the dose was bumped as my blood pressure rose, & now it has the function of keeping my HR I check. When AF was first diagnosed last March, the dose was doubled by my GP to lower heart rate, but now I'm back to the regular dose. It seems to work with few side effects. My EP thought that I should stay with what is working for now.


Thank you.

Every day is a change.


Consultant was very sure that if I hadn't had this horrid infection I would not have had another AF.

That was reassuring.

Grateful for your reply.



As a matter of interest I'm pretty certain it was a bad attack of COPD brought on my AF. I have never had AF before. Now I have PAF but it's very mild and I haven't had any COPD for a long time.


gwyn 53, hi I have started another post entitled AF and colds, it might be be similar to your experience.

Thanks and good luck

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