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Ventricular Tachycardia

Hi everyone.

My normal resting pulse is 50-60 bpm. Yesterday afternoon my pulse started racing at 105-112. I waited for 1 hour before going to ED. I have a Mio-Alpha wrist pulse watch which is very accurate against my other two ways of checking my pulse. An ecg showed my heart being in NSR occasionally going erratic for a few seconds but mainly in NSR. My pulse has not varied for over 31 hours. A Cardioversion is not an option as am mainly in NSR. I increased my antiarythmic meds from 2 per day to 3 at my cardiologists previous advice if something like this should occur, however to no avail. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the pulse back to my so called normal resting of 55-60? Kind regards. Barry

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try valsalva manoeuvre


Forget about it! - Because anxiety makes it worse, so I find just getting engrossed in other things (not too physically demanding), and so relaxing, sooner or later will calm it down.

Also, consider if you have eaten anything 'new' or unusual. Some seemingly innocuous item may contain MSG or some other chemical which may have set it going. Each time you eat some more of it it will probably prolong the problem. Avoid all processed foods religiously until it is all firmly back to normal. Perhaps it was that piece of bought-cake . . . !!!!!


Are you sure it's ventricular tachycardia? Has your cardio mentioned anything about atrial flutter?


OK here is the update. The diagnosis is that it is Atrial Flutter. The cause of this according to my Cardiologist is the previous two RF Ablations. Research has shown that A Flutter is becoming common in those who have had Ablations. I have been prescribed Flecinade 50mg x3 per day to try and bring the heart rate down. After 5 days if HR not relatively stable then a cardioversion is next. In the not to distant future it looks like an AV node Ablation is on the cards.

Since starting the meds last night my HR is going up and down from 60 for a few seconds then racing up to 110....then back down again.

The ECG taken at the hospital indicated Ventricular Tachycardia......however the official diagnosis is A Flutter.

Polski thanks for your reply. I take on board what you are saying.

Bob I tried the Valsalva Manoeuver to no avail....Ive tried it many times before with no effect.

Kodaska I think my reply answers your question. :)

Thanks folks!


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