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I did a search on this site for the above and didn't get any results. I know Meldonium is not FDA approved and therefore not accessible to most people on this forum (including myself, in South Africa.)

Since Sharapova tested positive for it I have done a lot of reading about it (especially if there is a picture of her in the article). I don't want to go into Sharapova's case (fairness of ban etc), but from what I have read this a potentially beneficial drug for people with A-fib.

Has anyone discussed it with a cardiologist?

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Nor in UK or Europe where most of us live! Frankly reading the small print I doubt it ever will be. Designed by Russians as a drug to create super soldiers I'm not sure I would want to go anywhere near it. Claude Van Dam I ain't! ha ha.


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I want to be like Claude.


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