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Should I fly on Holiday?

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I have had AF on and off for 9 years. Most times it goes after 3 weeks of amioderone, but once I had it for around 6 months until I had a cardio-version. I have now had it again for some 6 weeks and although on amioderone and bisoprolol I still have a pulse rate of over 120 and blood pressure of 140+. I am supposed to be flying to Sicily on 9 June for a week's tour. Am I safe to go or should I go to A&E? I am on the waiting list to se a cardiologist, but no news of an appointment after 6 weeks.

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I would chase up cardiologist by phoning secretary. Key is to also phone your travel insurance. If you have had 120+ for over 6 weeks then that is in my view (and I am not medically qualified) too high for an extended duration and so I would go to A&E. However some questions:

Are on an anticoagulant?

What age are you?

Are you permanently on Amiodarone? These days it is more common to only be on it for months. Check with your cardiologist.

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conrad123 in reply to PeterWh

Thanks PeterWh. I was only put on the amiodarone at the start of this episode as on other occasions, but not normally always on it. I am on Warfarin and off for a routine INR test in 30 minutes. I am 78 years old.

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PeterWh in reply to conrad123

Not sure what your testing frequency is? If you normally stay in range the it might not be too much of a problem. However I would definitely tell them you are waiting for a cardioversion and therefore the INR range should be 2.5 to 3.5 (rather than 2.0 to 3.0) so they may need to adjust dose. Also say you think you should be on weekly tests because of cardioversion.

Last reading was 3.4 and having them weekly due to effects of different medications.

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conrad123 in reply to conrad123

Today's is 2.8. Due to see my GP tomorrow to discuss condition.

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Frankly I would go. I spent many years travelling with AF. The only slight problem may be insurance since many companies will not cover you if you are awaiting tests and or diagnosis. I once went into atrial tachycardaia at 140 bpm on the way to Stansted to fly to France and ignored it as best I could.

So long as you make sure you have plenty of meds with you and have insurance far better to relax on holiday feeling a bit under the weather than sitting at home resenting life for cancelling the holiday in my view



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hock217 in reply to BobD

And stay hydrated. Aircraft and flying are dehydrating

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Sue5453 in reply to BobD

I am only on Apixaban nothing else for Af I have asma so have inhalers so will be takeing them with me

Take your EHIC with you and have a lovely time!

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PeterWh in reply to Barb1

Your EHIC on its own is insufficient in most cases.

We loved Sicily when we went there many years ago. Etna was erupting a couple of weeks ago so you might see some fireworks.

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