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Advice Please

I have had AF for at least 6 years, I am 68yrs old and fairly fit the only problem I get is a drop in energy levels and breathlessness from time to time no other symptoms whatsoever.  Apart from seeing a heart specialist once when I had an unsuccessful cardioversion my GP has never refered me for regular checks with a heart specialist or an EP is this normal practice?   Any advice would be appreciated.  

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You don't say if you're taking medication such as Bisoprolol, which many people on here have said make them feel tired and have low energy levels.

However, I don't know if this would help you but I find when I get the symptoms you describe it's often because I'm dehydrated and a large glass of water does the trick.  Happens to me more often than not in the morning, and as the day goes on and my hydration levels are topped up I'm fine.

It might be a good idea as well to contact your GP with a view to getting referred to an EP, I'm surprised that in spite of having AF for so long you're not getting regular health checks.

Hope you find the answers you need either from someone on this site (mind none of us are medically qualified) or from your GP or another health practitioner.

Best wishes, Kate

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Thank you for your response, I am on Bisoprolol 1.25mg and Warfarin for anticoag, no problems with heart rate, 75 - 80 BPM


I would definitely have thought that you should have been seen a number of times by now. You don't say whether they could not get you into NSR at all or whether you went into NSR and then flipped back into AF some hours or days later.

Even if you are not on any medication being in persistent AF itself can generate the symptoms. Also note that the type and strengths of the symptoms can vary from day to day even for the same person.

If I were you I would definitely go to my GP and get a referral to an EP (and not a general cardiologist).  In any event the knowledge, remedies, etc have changed from when you were first diagnosed.

Are you on an anticoagulant?


Thank you for your input, after the cardioversion I went into NSR for about 2 weeks then flipped back into persistent AF and have stayed that way ever since , I am on Bisoprolol 1.25mg and Warfarin my pulse rate has never been a problem mostly 75 - 80 BPM


Well if that is repeated now and all other things are ok you could POSSIBLY be a candidate for an ablation but unfortunately time in AF may preclude. When I had my DCCV I was only in NSR for 24 hours. I went on to have an ablation b waiting for my second one. 


It seems to me that you are currently experiencing AF -- as you must be if your cardioversion failed. Normally, there are other steps that can be taken. However, we are all different, and have different needs.

Does your GP prescribe medications for your AF? A medication such as a beta blocker or channel blocker to help prevent AF, and a blood thinner?

If not, probably, you should be seeing another doctor. One of the risks of AF is stroke.


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