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Hi thought I would give an update had a cryoablation 6 months ago and so far so good have not gone into AF since I had ablation. Do get a lot of fast beats etc the other day I had funny feeling from my stomach that I always use to get before I went into AF and heart played up for 2 days but no AF. Does anyone know if having that experience in stomach means AF will return soon? Apart from that I can honestly say I feel so much better.


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Rob I think one of the biggest problems we AF-ers face is that we become far too aware of what our hearts are doing. What you feel is probably ectopic beats which every person on the planet gets from time to time. Up to 200 a day for even normal people. The last Holter I had showed over 2000 in a 24 hour period but seven years since my last ablation and no AF. Try to move on and ignore it. Yes I know how difficult that can be but what is the worst that can happen? A second ablation maybe?  Now you know what it feels like not to have AF that is a comforting prospect if things did go wrong.


Thank you Bob for your reply I am so please I have no AF and you are right we obviously are more aware of our hearts than people who have never had AF



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